Driven by continuous improvement, Publisac is working on several fronts to optimize its products and service offering.


Did you know


We are in constant dialogue with RECYC-QUÉBEC to ensure that our products comply with the best recycling practices.


For those who don’t want to receive the Publisac, it is possible to get a free pictogram by calling our Customer Service.

Over the summer, we evaluated possible alternatives to our bag to further limit our environmental footprint.

We tested different alternatives in the market including bags made of post-consumer, post-commercial and post-industrial recycled plastic as well as paper jackets, which are less efficient for protecting flyers from weather-related elements. Our tests also aim to reduce at the source, by reducing the size of the bag and its use in our distribution activities, in order to use 30% less plastic.

Today, we are proud to have launched among the Québec market a bag made from 100% of recycled plastic, still 100% recyclable! We also worked closely with RECYC-QUÉBEC to ensure that we meet the best recycling practices.

Furthermore, we committed ourselves to better inform citizens about the fact that the Publisac plastic bag is recyclable.

We thus launched two 6-week campaigns across Québec (Spring and Fall 2019) that reiterates that the Publisac is a product that is responsibly managed from an environmental standpoint. We are also determined to work more closely with all stakeholders involved in recycling in Québec to optimize the recycling of materials related to the Publisac.

Finally, we are looking at developing solutions and collaborative processes to better operationalize the framework of the plastic circular economy in Québec in order to ensure that plastic is better managed from sourcing to end-of-life.



Publisac is constantly evolving. We are continuously working with our customers to optimize the type of paper used, flyer formats and quantities distributed through better postal code targeting.

Our Market Intelligence team knows consumers and helps them find deals. Each flyer is targeted to avoid waste. We adjust the quantities of flyers distributed according to demand through several demographic and behavior variables.

In the field, our teams work to adjust the quantities of flyers distributed according to the demand in multi-unit housing and improve the respect of the pictogram by our distribution teams.


TC Transcontinental participated in the public consultation of the Montréal Metropolitan Community (MMC) as part of the Draft Amendment to the 2015-2020 Residual Materials Management Plan on May 17, 2019. We put forward our desire to actively contribute to finding solutions allowing the MMC to reach its objectives by 2024. In addition, we committed ourselves to play an important role in ensuring Québec’s transition towards a circular economy for plastic.

We also participated in the City of Montréal’s public consultation on the Publisac that was held starting October 25, 2019. We put forward that the Publisac is a product that is responsibly managed from an environmental standpoint and an important vehicle for the citizens, the economy and the democratic vitality. We also introduced our new bag made of a 100% recycled plastic and still 100% recyclable.



We respect the choice of citizens who do not want to receive the Publisac. It’s simple, they can call Customer Service at 1 888 999-2272 or visit and we will send them a free pictogram sticker by mail.